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Aerial Views of Copperfield and Surrounding Areas


This is a reproduction of an aerial photo of the Yager-North Lamar area taken in 1940
[See sketch at bottom of page for clarifications]

Austin History Center Map 1940

The area is covered with farms and cow pastures. For details on the early farmers see Early Owners.

At this time two changes took place affecting area residents: Highway 2 was fenced off, never to be reopened, and Dillingham Pasture was closed to the public.

Interstate 35 is not built yet. On the left side of the photo Highway 81—later renamed North Lamar—is visible.

The land that became Copperfield is on the right side of the map.


This is an aerial photo of the area taken in 1954
Austin History Center Map 2-46 1954

The area is still covered with farms and cow pastures.

There are two rectangles in the area that now near Yager at Copperfield. I believe that this was a dairy. I am told it was owned by a family named Doering.

At least three water tanks are visible in the photo.

The interstate appears to be under construction.
The Missouri-Kansas railway is still present. The tracks were removed in the 1960s.

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