Ten Ways to Help Copperfield

(1) Read the CNO newsletter to learn of specific opportunities, such as the neighborhood cleanup times and National Night Out.

(2) Get to know your neighbors. Keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior on your street.

(3) Keep your yards and street in front of your house clean.

(4) Don't allow weeds to grow in the cracks in your driveway or in the street near your home.

(5) Remove your trash can and recycling bin promptly after they have been emptied.

(6) Attend CNO meetings.

(7) Offer to help CNO: by becoming an officer or offering to tackle any problem that arises.

(8) Report abandoned vehicles to the police department.

(9) Spend money at Copperfield-based businesses.

(10) Volunteer to help the area Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

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