Previous Neighborhood Announcements

May 25, 2000

Another Possible Housing Project in the Area / Decision on July 28, 2000

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July20, 2000 (approx)

Emails to City Council, Mayor, Regarding Neighborhood Developments Get a Poor Response

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August 7, 2000

Low Income Housing Development Is Not Approved

The Pioneer Crossing development (near Samsung) was not approved at the July 28 Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs meeting.

It appears that the project came very close to being approved. According to page 2 of the TDHCAs Application List With Awarded Scores (, Pioneer Crossing was awarded 91 points while 92 points were required.

It is possible that the developer will try again next year.

Fall 2000

CNO Responds to City Council's Plans for More Apartments on Yager Lane

The Austin City Council is considering rezoning the property immediately to the east of Windcrest Apt on Yager. The property extends from Yager south to the property owned by the VFW.

The applicant wants to rezone it from CO and GR (office and community retail) to MF3. (Apartments)

The application was apparently `fast-tracked' through city staff. Notification about the request was mailed August 3rd and notice about the Commision Meeting was mailed August 11th for the meeting on August 22.


An area resident talked to the city staff and got the case held until next weeks meeting of the Planning Commission (approximatelyAugust 29).

We need to really get out to this meeting with a show of force against this rezoning and developement.

The following is an email we have sent to Austin City Council members.

I wanted to add my voice to the issue of allowing more high-density housing (apartments) on Yager Lane near the Copperfield Neighborhood. I drove westward on Yager this morning, August 23, at approximately 8:20 a.m. The road is packed and moves at a crawl. Imagine travelling west on Yager towards I35. As you travel west on Yager toward I35 all traffic is limited to one lane and moves at a crawl. There is no right turn lane at the I35 intersection, and there is no dedicated left turn lane! Those going north on I35 have to wait for a break in the east-going traffic. Then they have to join a single line of traffic connecting to the north-bound feeder of I35.

If you cross I 35 on the bridge (to go south, as most residents do in the morning), after you cross the bridge you cannot turn left! All traffic, whether it comes from the east or comes from the west is funneled northward where there is the single one-lane entrance onto the I35 feeder. The construction of IH130 will not help the problems at this intersection because the problem is related to bottlenecking at the single-lane entrances to the I35 service roads.

There have been a large number of traffic accidents on Yager Lane near its intersections with the I35 service roads. Today I am trying to obtain those statistics [Update, we have the statistics. You may see the last item on announcement #20 by clicking HERE] The city must consider the possibility of legal liability related to the lack of traffic controls near this intersection. The frequency of wrecks on Yager Lane seems to be increasing. You have been given fair warning.

If this description of traffic flows is hard for the city council members to imagine, that's because the intersections of Yager Lane and I35 service roads are themselves a confusing mess. We will be happy to arrange to meet you in our neighborhood at 7:30 in the morning. We will be happy to show you what it is like. Then you could see why we cannot have ANY more traffic added to Yager until the traffic problems have been addressed. Communications on this matter will be recorded on our web page.

A response to this email is highly appreciated. [Note: No reply to this letter has been received.]


Richard Fry, Secretary,
Copperfield Neighborhood Association

December, 2000

Mentors Needed at Copperfield Elementary

A neighbor has recently informed us that there is a great need for mentors at Copperfield Elementary school. Being a mentor may require only an hour or two per week. Please contact Stacy Nunez at Copperfield Elementary to volunteer. The time to call is from 1:10 to 2 p.m. Her number is 821-2417. Let us know if you volunteer, or if you already have experience doing any volunteer work in the neighborhood. We would like to know what our neighbors are doing for the neighborhood.

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