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Topics: Another Possible Housing Project in the Area / Decision on July 28



The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs has recommended seven low-income tax-credit housing projects statewide for consideration in the state’s Year 2000 funding cycle. One of them is in our area. here [You must have Acrobat Reader, or must download it in order to access the links in this email.] The project proposed for Austin is at the northeast corner of Samsung Blvd. and Braker Lane. If the project is approved, it will mark a continuing pattern of constructing low-income tax-credit housing (LIHTC) projects in our area, and will increase traffic in the area.

Background on Low-Income Housing Tax-Credit in the Area

In march of 1995 the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) considered two such projects in the Austin area. One of them was the Windcrest at Yager Lane project. The other project was in south Austin. Both projects drew opposition from neighbors and many Copperfield residents appeared before the TDHCA board to speak against the project. On 3/28/95 the Board voted FOR the Windcrest at Yager Lane project and turned down the south Austin project.

According to the 10-16-1997 Austin American-Statesman article tax credits were approved for the Meadow Ridge Apartments on Louis Henna Blvd. in south Round Rock.

A 06-23-1999 article in the Austin American Statesman describes another proposed low-income housing project as “A potential partnership between the City of Austin and a private housing developer to expand a Northeast Austin subdivision could provide housing for families who cannot afford to live in the city.” [I believe this is the Morse Community Project, which was covered in the last email notice.]

Just this month (06-12-2000) the Austin American Statesman reported that Wimberley residents succeeded in stalling a similar project, the Village at Hillcrest, in their community.

The Decisionmaking Process

The TDHCA has not yet selected any developments to receive an award. The credits will be awarded at the board meeting to be held July 28. The meeting will probably be at the TDHCA headquarters BoardRoom, 4th floor, 507 Sabine, in Austin.

In making its decision, the TDHCA is supposed to follow the Qualified Allocation Plan and Rules. These rules require the Department to evaluate the applications for geographical concentration issues. A copy of the QAP can be found at: here [We have not had time to evaluate this document; we encourage you to do so.] The Department will evaluate the number of existing units around each application. Particular attention is paid to those existing developments that fall within a mile to two-mile radius of the proposed site.

The TDHCA web site is here

Those who want to have an affect on the decision may do numerous things: (1) Write or email Cherno Njie, the program director (2) Write the nine TDHCA board members (3) Write letters to the editor to local media publications (4) Speak directly to the board at the July 28 board meeting. TDHCA addresses are given below.

Contacting the TDHCA

Written comments stating whether you are for or against tax credit approval for the development, TDHCA #00026, Pioneer Villas at the northeast corner of Samsung Blvd. and Braker Ln. in Austin, should be submitted before the end of June to the chairman:

Cherno Njie, LIHTC Program Director Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs P.O. Box 13941 Austin, Texas 78711-3941. Or Fax: 512.476.0438 or 512.475.0764 Or Email:

If you send an email, you may want to send us a copy:

At any time before the July 28 board meeting, you may also write to the Board Members who will be making the final allocation decision. As far as we know, the board has not yet heard from any Copperfield residents. We do not yet have email addresses for the board members. If you obtain an email address, please send it to us and we will share it with Copperfield residents.


Place 1 Term expires Jan. 31, 2005 Appointed Feb. 15, 1999 Ms. Marsha L. Williams, Attorney Mortgage Services Legal Section Middleburg Riddle & Gianna 2323 Bryan St., Ste. 1600 Dallas, Texas 75201

Place 2 Term expires Jan. 31, 2001 Appointed April 6, 1995 Margie Bingham, Director Housing & Community Development City of Houston 601 Sawyer St., Fourth Floor Houston, Texas 77007

Place 3 Term expires Jan. 31, 2003 Appointed Feb. 10, 1997 Mr. C. Kent Conine, President Conine Residential Group Community 5300 Town & Country Blvd., Ste. 190 Frisco, Texas 75034

Place 4 Term expires Jan. 31, 2003 Appointed Feb. 10, 1997 Mr. Robert Brewer Rio Concho Retirement 401 Rio Concho Drive San Angelo, TX 76904

Place 5 Term expires Jan. 31, 2001 Appointed April 6, 1995 Mr. Donald Bethel Bethel Realty Company Garden Area 1409 Lubbock Highway, Suite 5 Dallas, TX 75201

Place 6 Term expires Jan. 31, 2005 Appointed Feb. 15, 1999 Ms. Lydia Saenz Prime Properties of Winter 900 Sybert P.O. Box 756 Carrizo Springs, TX 78834

Place 7 Term expires Jan. 31, 2005 Appointed Jan. 30, 1996 Michael E. Jones, Attorney At Law Vice President Potter, Minton, Roberts, Davis & Jones, PC 500 Plaza Tower Tyler, Texas 75702

Place 8 Term expires Jan. 31, 2001 Appointed April 6, 1995 Dr. Florita Bell Griffin, Genesis Planning Innovations P.O. Box GF College Station, TX 77841

Place 9 Term expires Jan. 31, 2003 Appointed April 16, 1997 Mr. James A. Daross, Attorney Krafsur Gordon Mott, P.C. 4695 North Mesa Street El Paso, TX 79912


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