This is CNO email Notice #13. 04/20/00. Circulation: 41.

Topics: Vandalism of Cars
New Businesses Coming to Area
Next CNO Meeting
We have been informed that some cars on Fallen Tower were vandalized on Sunday and Monday night, April 16 and 17. Some cars' windows were broken and stereo equipment stolen. This provides a good reason to park our cars inside our garages. Another benefit of parking in your garage is so that burglars will not know when you are home. *******************************************************************
Many new businesses have made plans to build on or near Parmer Lane. Some of these businesses will be welcome to Copperfield residents. HEB is planning to build a grocery at the southeast corner of I35 and Parmer. There will be some restaurants on Parmer near I35. Randall's plans to build a grocery at Parmer and Metric. At least one restaurant is planned for the north side of Parmer. A new apartment complex will be built on the west side of North Lamar north of Parmer. Dell continues to expand by building on the north side of Parmer.
The next CNO meeting is tentatively planned for Tuesday, May 16. *******************************************************************
P.S. Remember to let our neighbors know about our email notices! We need to get more neighbors signed up. Issues will sometimes arise that require quick communication. This email list is the only way we have to communicate with a lot of neighbors quickly! *******************************************************************
Richard Fry,
CNO Secretary
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