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Topics: Meeting is Tuesday, 7 p.m. at new location CNO Has Elected Officers for Year 2000 Historical information related to Copperfield Victoria Glen Townhomes Begins Construction Respond to Loud Music! Join/renew membership in CNO *******************************************************************

The next meeting of the Copperfield Neighborhood Organization will be Tuesday, March 21, 2000, 7:00 - 8:300 pm at the Capital City Christian Church, 1006 Yager Lane. This is on the corner of Thompkins and Yager behind the gas station. These changes are an attempt to make it more convenient for residents to attend the meetings. *******************************************************************

CNO Elects Officers for Year 2000 On Thursday, February 3 a Copperfield Neighborhood Association Meeting was held. Officers for the year 2000 were nominated and an election was held. The new CNO officers are President: Paul Knowlton, Vice-President: Eva Rivera, Secretary: Richard Fry, Treasurer: Gail Hoy. Please congratulate our new officers. *******************************************************************

Historical information related to the Copperfield area can be viewed on a webpage linked to the Unofficial Copperfield web site. See *******************************************************************

The Victoria Glen Townhomes project, which is on the south side of Yager just east of Copperfield Elementary, has had foundations poured and appears ready to begin construction after lengthy delay. The builders have said that Austin's complicated construction permit process has greatly slowed the project. *******************************************************************

Loud Music! Some parts of Copperfield are being bothered by loud music from car stereos. We have begun to call the police. After enougfh calls are received, the police WILL respond. If you hear a loud car stereo, call Officer Breckenridge (834-7915), or else call APD (911). If possible, give a description of the car. Even if you don't have a description of the car, call Officer Breckenridge or the police department to complain. *******************************************************************

Now is a good time to join/renew membership in CNO. We urge you to become a member of CNO by either paying your dues at Tuesday's meeting or else renewing your membership by mail today. We included a membership form on the back page of the newsletter to help you send in your annual dues. CNO P.O. Box 143653 Austin, TX 78714-3653 *******************************************************************

Richard Fry,

CNO Secretary


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