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Nominations The next CNO meeting will take place near the end of January and will include nominations for CNO officers. Please plan to attend. We will announce the time and location in a later newsletter and email. *******************************************************************

Web Page Addition The unofficial CNO web page has information on Capital City Christian Church, which is located in the Yager Technology Center. See *******************************************************************

Y2K Virus Alert Today's (12/28) Austin American Statesman had an article of interest to all email users. Here is part of the article:

New Year's viruses lurk behind Y2K

By Heather Cocks American-Statesman Staff Tuesday, December 28, 1999

As the year 2000 looms large in the eyes of nervous computer users, cybercriminals have been quietly working to turn one potentially explosive time bomb into a virtual minefield.

As early as September, computer virus writers slowly started circulating an army of bugs through computer systems worldwide, programming some of them to lurk dormant on machines until Jan. 1.

The virus programs range from innocuous little irritants to fairly serious threats, and they exist to confound users who probably can't distinguish a nagging virus from actual crashes related to the Y2K bug, in which computers can't distinguish the year 2000 from the year 1900.

"My guess is, they will target consumers because they're the ones likely to be less prepared or immature about what to do," said Vincent Weafer, director of anti-virus software maker Symantec Corp.'s research center. "The real danger is misinformation and people not knowing if a malfunction is real and severe."

In most cases, avoiding virus-related computer problems is relatively simple. Experts say first to avoid suspicious e-mails and software programs that may contain viruses and to check suspicious e-mails with anti-virus programs. Some software makers also have downloadable patches that can stave off viruses and fix virus-related problems.

This final virus frenzy caps a year in which computer viruses wrought high-profile havoc. Melissa, Chernobyl and Worm.ExploreZip top the list of now-infamous viruses that surfaced in 1999, disrupting corporate e-mail servers nationwide and in some cases wiping out data. . . .

Going into the final stretch, researchers have detected a dozen viruses known to be Y2K-specific, though some estimates forecast as many as 30,000 different viruses could activate with the date change.

"We're dealing with what's effectively a criminal underworld, so predictions as to what they might be planning to do are very difficult to make," said Andy Kite, an analyst with research company GartnerGroup Inc. (See "It's like predicting how many bank robberies there will be next month." . . . .


The End is Near The year end is coming. CNO memberships will soon expire. We urge you to renew your membership by mail today. CNO will work to improve and protect our neighborhood in the year 2000.

Dues are $12 per person per calendar year. For your convenience, you may print out the form below, fill it out, and mail it to us. Thank you.: ______________________________________________________________ CNO Membership 2000 Dues are $12 per person per calendar year Bring your dues to the next CNO meeting, or Mail this form and your check to:

CNO P.O. Box 143653 Austin, TX 78714-3653

Name: ___________________________________


Phone: __________________________________

Email (if you would like to be contacted through email): ___________________________________

Committee Interests (Circle areas for which you would like to help CNO):

Zoning Beautification Newsletter Distribution Safety Parks As Needed Other Interests: ____________________________

______________________________________________________________ *******************************************************************

Richard Fry,

CNO Secretary


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