This is CNO email Notice #5. 7/19/99. Circulation: 28. CNO email notices are for Copperfield residents who request to receive them. If you would like to be removed from this list, please reply to


Topics: New CNO web site: Needed: Digital images of Copperfield, Maps Needed: Information on local ISPs Fireants Neighborhood Eyesore ***************************************************************************

An unofficial Copperfield web site has begun. It is at This web page will connect you to Copperfield-area businesses and services and articles important to Copperfield residents. ***************************************************************************

Needed: Images of Copperfield, maps. We would like digital images of any or all of the following: attractive photos of the neighborhood and houses; aerial photos of the neighborhood. We are also interested in any localized maps, new or old, including geographical/topographical maps. These images will be used by the CNO and by the unofficial Copperfield web page. If you can donate any images by email, please send then to If you have a map on paper, respond to this email telling us what you have. ***************************************************************************

Needed: Information on local ISPs. We want to know who is the CLOSEST internet service provider for Copperfield. They can get free advertising on the web page too. If you know of a possibly-closest ISP, respond to this email. ***************************************************************************

Fireants are a huge problem in Copperfield now. Have you treated your yard for fireants? HQ (Near Parmer at Mopac) is going out of business and is having a sale on everything including fire ant bait. The price discounts seem to be getting better by the week, so if you haven't been recently you may want to visit HQ again. An employee there told me that they plan to close for good on August 11. ***************************************************************************

Neighborhood Eyesore There is an abandoned house at 1406 Atterbury (east of Shropshire) with a lot of junk in the yard. We have contacted the Department of Health regarding the junk and Austin Police regarding the car. The junk should be dealt with "in the next couple of months" (that's what the Dept. of Health said). The owner of the house is Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation. All residents who live near this house are encouraged to take up the matter with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation.

Richard Fry,

CNO Secretary

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