Greetings from CNO,

This is CNO email Alert #3. Circulation: 22.

Topics: "Copperfield Neighbors" June Issue / meeting on June 15 Do you have a web page? Garage Sales

It is great to be able to communicate with neighbors by email!

"Copperfield Neighbors" June Issue has gone out.

We printed a newsletter on June 2 and have distributed it to the neighborhood. You should have received a copy. Here is the text of the first article which relates to the next CNO meeting: CNO Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, June 15. The Copperfield Neighborhood Organization meeting will be held Tuesday, June 15, 6:30 p.m., at Our Savior Lutheran Church. Please come to this meeting to hear what is happening in our neighborhood and to contribute to the improvement of our neighborhood. The meeting will include a presentation from approximately 7-8 p.m. on the San Paloma Apartment Complex, a large upscale apartment complex that is being built to the west of the Westview Canyon subdivision in-between Yager and Palmer Lane. Scott Robinson, Vice President of the Westwood Residential Company, will be giving the presentation. The complex will be Mediterranean style and the first phase will consist of 500 units. We encourage everyone to attend, especially the homeowners in the Westview Canyon subdivision who have property that border the greenbelt area adjacent to the complex. This meeting will be a great time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have on the development.

Do you have a web page?

I am planning to send out a neighborhood email with a list of URLs (web addresses) for Copperfield-related businesses, organizations, churches, etc. that want to be known about. If you have a URL that you would like other Copperfield residents to know about, please send it to us. This information will go out in an email alert like this one.

Garage Sales

I've noticed a lot of garage sales in our neighborhood recently. Going to garage sales is a get way to get to know your neighbors and pick up some great bargains. Take a drive on Saturday mornings and see what's out there! One more thing, it is illegal to abandon signs on light poles or in yards, so after a garage sale is over, please, the signs should be removed. Happy bargain hunting.

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