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CRIME PREVENTION ADVICE: This is the internet address of a crime-prevention link that a Copperfield resident recently sent to us. I think it has good advice: http://www.crime-prevention.org.uk/home_office/guide/


The following items regarding land development should not be regarded as certain until construction is actually under way. I want to let you know what we have been told is coming to our neighborhood.

The new freeway, 130, is planned to pass through Samsung's property east of our neighborhood. This freeway will serve as a convenient way for north-south travelers to avoid Austin traffic. Many trucks will travel this route.

HEB is planning to build at Parmer and Dessau, north of Parmer, west of Dessau.

Marriot is planning construction at Park Central. We have been told that the hotel company is planning to build in the park-like area between I35 and Lamar north of Yager. [If this happens, I think this will be an enhancement to our neighborhood. I have been told that MOST new construction applications for our neighborhood are INDUSTRIAL].


CNO finds it difficult to follow all these developments properly. Would you like to volunteer to follow changes in our neighborhood and write articles about zoning and development, or possibly create helpful maps? Reply to this email to volunteer!


Saturday, May 1, 1999 is city election day.

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