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Last updated on 10/8/99
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About This Web Page

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This is the unofficial Copperfield neighborhood web page. This web page was created by a Copperfield resident in July of 1999. The purpose of this web page is to provide any information that will improve the quality of life of residents of the Copperfield neighborhood in northeast Austin.


Copperfield Neighborhood Information

Welcome to the web page for all things related to the Copperfield neighborhood

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Copperfield Neighbor Announcements

Missing Pets

On Friday, September 17th a 5 week old puppy was missing from a neighbor's backyard, presumably it wandered off. Please, watch for it ! The puppy lives on Little Fatima Ln. Its owner is Jack Prisby, phone # 835-9239. The owner will pay a reward to locate it. It's a Labrador white in color very young, needing it's mother. Its rear paws have been marked red, to distinguish it from the others in the litter.
There is also a missing cat. It is a black and white, long-haired cat, 9 years old, with white front feet, and a white nose. The owner's phone number is 835-9248, work numbers are 471-6315 or 239-1934.

Clean Neighborhood Congratulations

Hi. May I use this forum to let my grandchildren know what a splendid job they did in helping pick up trash.

Sahara and Donovan Graham (ages 7 & 6), helped me (their Grammy) on Saturday, the 25th. Crews were picking up on Dessau, but they said they could only go a few feet from the curbside. The corner of Dessau & Shropshire had gotten to be quite an eyesore. Also, bottles, cardboard pieces, food containers, etc. was strewn all along Shropshire up to Rotherham. It was beginning to look like a dumping ground. The kids were excited that they could help our neighborhood look good where others would know they were proud of their neighborhood.

We donned bright colors and in less than 2 hours filled about 6 big bags full and had the area looking much, much better.


Copperfield-related Businesses and Services Debbie Steele, Real Estate Agent Our Savior Lutheran Church The Presley Group, Real Estate Agents Streetman Homes, a neighborhood builder

City Government Information Explanation of Austin's zoning codes[: Austin City Ordinances

Austin City Connection: a directory provided by the city of Austin

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Contact Information

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