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Loud Music!

Some parts of Copperfield are being bothered by loud music from car stereos and a few neighbors houses. It is illegal for one's music to be audible more than 30 feet away! The police will issue citations if they can catch them in the act. We have begun to call the police. The police WILL take action if they are properly informed! If you hear a loud car stereo, call Officer Breckenridge (834-7915)

Zoning and Development

A site plan has been approved by the city of Austin for the new High Point Baptist Church. You can see the construction trailer from Dessau Road just south of Yager. This site plan is for only the church and an entrance from Dessau road. The developer has not yet submitted any plans for the apartments scheduled to be built on the southern portion of this tract of land.

Construction is well under way on the second Dell office buildings on Parmer. The first building is completely finished and is occupied. The site plan filed with and approved by the city of Austin includes a total of three buildings, parking and a retention pond for runoff.

Zoning for a tract of land on the corner of Parmer and Harris Ridge has been changed from MF-2 (multi-family) to SF-3 (single family). This was implemented so that houses could be built on this piece of property. Previous zoning was for apartments.

Copperfield Area Businesses and Services Glen Townhomes(on Yager Lane) of the Ancients (Just east of Samsung) Capital City Christian Church Debbie Steele, Real Estate Agent Our Savior Lutheran Church The Presley Group, Real Estate Agents Streetman Homes, a neighborhood builder

City Government Information

Austin City Connection: a directory provided by the city of Austin

The CNO newsletter:

The Copperfield Neighborhood Association publishes a newsletter called "Copperfield Neighbors"

Articles from the "Copperfield Neighbors" newsletter

Checking Your Water Usage: from the 01/99 newsletter

City Ordinances: from the 01/99 newsletter

New Police Neighborhood District Representative: from the 03/99 newsletter

What's Bugging you? (insects): from the 06/99 newsletter

Recycling: from the 06/99 newsletter

Important PhoneNumbers: from the 06/99 newsletter

Should trash bin handles face the street or face away from the street?
See Trash Collection: from the 09/99 newsletter

Why Should I Recycle Anyway? : from the 11/99 newsletter

Mentors Needed at Copperfield Elementary: from the 01/2000 newsletter

130 May Pass Between Dessau And Samsung : from the 01/2000 newsletter

The Coxville Zoo in 1948: from the 03/2000 newsletter

Contact Information

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If you would like to contact a Copperfield Neighborhood officer, please send email to

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