Fiskville was on Little Walnut Creek and old U.S. Highway 81 (now North Lamar Boulevard) six miles north of Austin (now in Austin) in north central Travis County. It was founded in the early 1870s and named for pioneer settlers George Greenleaf Fisk and Josiah Fisk. A Fiskville post office was established in 1873 with Edward Zimmerman as postmaster. The population of the community that year was estimated between 150 and 200. By the mid-1880s Fiskville had a steam flour mill and cotton gin, a general store, a union church, and a district school to serve a population of sixty. A dairy had been added by the early 1890s, and the population had grown to 120. Continued growth, however, was curtailed by the opportunities available in nearby Austin, and after the turn of the century Fiskville began to decline. The post office was discontinued in 1901. By the early 1930s the number of residents had fallen to fifty. The Fiskville county school district was consolidated with the Summitt county school district in 1953 and with the Austin Independent School District in 1959. Fiskville retained its identity as a separate community until the mid-1960s, at which time it was annexed to Austin.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: John J. Germann and Myron Janzen, Texas Post Offices by County (1986).

Vivian Elizabeth Smyrl

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