Dillingham Pasture is one of the oldest former landmarks of northeast Austin. The location of the pasture stretches from the Windcrest at Yager Lane apartments on the east to close to the auction house and old motor court buildings on the west. Mr. Luther Fox, a resident of the area from the 1930s, explained Dillingham Pasture, in a May 2000 interview, as follows:

On North Lamar you will see an old motor court. Alongside that motor court is an old road called Dillingham Lane. It was named after my grandfather. Right on that road and extending to where the new apartments now are was Dillingham Pasture. Dillingham Pasture was a place where, starting in the late 20s, church groups would come for picnics. Later student groups from UT would come there. We closed off Dillingham Pasture in 1940 because people would come and pull up fence posts to start fires, and they would start fires in the wrong places. Part of I35 later ran over Dillingham Pasture.

Mr. Fox also believes that the outlaws Bonnie and Clyde once stayed in Dillingham Pasture, see notes on the Bullhead Inn for details.

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