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A privately owned and operated Zoo, the Coxville Zoo, started business at the intersection of Yager and North Lamar [which, at the time, was the intersection of Coxville Road and the Dallas Highway]north of the city limits of Austin, Texas, in 1939. The zoo delighted thousands of children for over 30 years. For many years Alvin Cox, the proprietor, made weekly television appearances on the "Uncle Jay" show sharing information about the uniqueness of animals. Opposition from the city Department of Health forced the zoo to close in 1969. Many of the zoo's remains still stand in the woods behind a recently cleared area on North Lamar. The gas station at the site was evident until it burned a few years ago.

Direct information on the Coxville zoo is difficult to find. Please email me if you find any person who was closely related to the Coxville Zoo.

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1942 Newspaper Article: Read the earliest known newspaper article on the Coxville zoo (includes a grainy photo)
1948 Newspaper Article: Read a newspaper article giving lots of detail on the Coxville zoo
Student essay (circa 1952) on the Coxville Zoo: Get a schoolgirl's view of this unique world of people and animals -- includes a hand-drawn map of Coxville Zoo

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