Recycle Bins:

Recycling not only reduces the amount of garbage in our landfills but it can also be a cost saving. There is now a $2.00 sticker required on any trash bags that are left on the side of your trash can, so it is a good time to start recycling if you haven’t already. Plastic recycle bins can be obtained from the Fire Dept. at the corner of Parmer and Mopac, across from Blockbuster Video. You can stop by anytime day or night and just bring a utility bill in order to obtain a recycle bin.

Glass bottles, jars, plastic bottles, and aluminum, tin and steel cans can be recycled. Plastic bottles should have their lids removed, be rinsed, and flattened. Newspapers, magazines, and junk mail can be placed in a brown paper bag and placed at the top or by the recycle bin on trash pickup day. Cardboard should be flattened to a size no more than 3’ X 3’ and wrapped with

string. They do not accept pizza boxes, cereal, shoe boxes, or beverage cartons. If rain is expected they ask that you do not put papers out that day.

Additional Note: A neighbor compiled a great list of reasons to recycle. See Why Should I Recycle Anyway?

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