The Need for Bird Havens

With the recent development in the area the need for water, food and shelter is crucial for wild birds.

Simple things you can do:

1. Have fresh and constant water supply available. This is especially important in the summer time. You can do this rather inexpensively with a large shallow plant saucer. It helps the birdís footing if you place a slightly raised flat object on the edge of the saucer. This way, smaller birds can take a much needed drink without balancing themselves on the rim, while larger birds are able to splash around to cool themselves off in the water.

2. Have a constant food supply for the birds. For larger birds, the most popularí type of seed is Black Oil Sunflower. (Not Striped). Cardinals also like cracked corn, while smaller birds go for millet.

3. Shelter. Birds are always looking for shelter, especially smaller birds. You can purchase inexpensive bird houses a grocery stores, hardware stores or garden center. Or, if you really want to go `all outí there are places you can visit that carry merchandise solely for making complete habitats for wild birds and other small harmless animals.

Doing these 3 simple things will really bring the beautiful sights and sounds of nature into your back yard!! At the same time the birds will be able to enjoy a much needed haven they will be able to call HOME.
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