Checking Your Water Usage

Your Utility bill shows how many of gallons of water you use every month. This time of year we are not watering our lawns so your water usage should be substantially less. Most of us would never leave a faucet running, but toilets that run can use several thousand gallons of water per month too!

If you lift up the cover to your water meter located by the sidewalk, you will also see a small red triangular shaped dial. This is a “leak detector.” It should NOT be moving if there is no water turned on in your home. If it is moving, shut off the valves of your toilets and then recheck the “leak detector” to see if it is still moving.

The most common cause for toilets losing water is the “flapper” which can be replaced very easily for a few dollars. Another check is to put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If after a few minutes the bowl has changed color, then you are losing water. The water department customer service number is: 322-2821

If you find a leak and are in a 3-month wastewater estimate cycle, just save the parts receipts. They will be able to reschedule you for another 3-month evaluation.

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